In just 6 weeks, there have been two suicides of police officers within a 20 mile radius here in Pennsylvania. I know that it is something that many people are uncomfortable with, but I also think that it is important that we bring this out and discuss it to make sure that any of us are prepared to try to help anyone that we come into contact with that might show signs of this terrible decision.
We all know that when someone makes up their mind, it is almost impossible to either know that it is going to happen or to take any action to stop it.
But, please know that there is help available out there. Police work is a terribly stressful career and if you add any additional outside problems to it, it can snowball into something that might seem insurmountable.
Please be kind to each other. Please keep an eye out for your fellow brother and sister officers, especially those going through problems at home or those that have just left the job.
I know that it's a normal thing that LEOs tend to look out for themselves....but, you don't have to do it on your own. Please, please, please reach out to someone if you are having thoughts that you might do yourself harm. Talk to a friend, a fellow officer, a religious leader or a family member.
Remember, there are enough people out there that want to do you harm...don't be one of them.
As always, all of you are in my thoughts and prayers for your safety and good health.