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    Charlie Sheen & escorts -- never a good mix!

    Seems that Charlie Sheen's flight got in a tad late for his DC show the other night... So MPDC apparently gave him a little assist to get to the theater on time. A lights & siren escort, at 80+ to the show.

    One little problem... The assist started at Dulles International Airport. Just a little bit outside their jurisdiction...

    Oh, and, according to Chief Lanier, Charlie Sheen may have tiger blood -- but he doesn't qualify for an escort like that. Even if it was in DC.

    The only good thing? At least from what I've heard so far, it doesn't look like anyone overtly took money personally to escort him.
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    You that was a sergeant. "I don't want that douchebag in my city any longer than he has to. Get him in. Get him out. Fast."
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    Maybe they were chasing him to give him a ticket for speeding, but then gave him a break at the last minute.



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