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    I plan on shooting up a storm!

    Like just about everyone else on her, (except maybe Jenna) I like to shoot. However, as I am not independently wealthy, the high cost of ammo is somewhat prohibitive. So, as a remedy, I've bought 2-new guns: A GSG 1911-22 and an ISSC M22. The first is a clone of the 1911 .45 in .22 and the second is a virtual clone of the Glock 22, also in .22 caliber. I am looking forward to receiving them and then burning up a lot of cheap ammo. I'll let you know if they are any fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by keith720 View Post
    Like just about everyone else on her, (except maybe Jenna) I like to shoot.

    I plan on shooting up a storm!
    You should have shot Irene if you wanted to shoot up a storm....

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    Many 22 cal. weapons are 'ammunition sensitive'. Try a box of 50 22 HV LR from each of various brands and manufacture and test your new toys for function and accuracy. When you narrow the field down to something the gun shoots reliably and on target, go shopping for a case (or more) of that ammo. Sometimes the cheap stuff does better than the expensive match ammo.

    CCI mini-mag a good start for a decent 22 ammo to test, CCI Blazer are not. Don't waste your money on Remington Thunderbolt. Wal Mart bulk box/500 by Federal ammo is iffy. Cheap ammo I have had luck with; Remington HV Cyclones, Armscorp 36gr HV HP, Fiocchi, and Aguila HV 36gr HP. Winchester HV selections are better, 2nd only to CCI. Most of my well used 22 rifles are are bolt or lever action. You may not get reliable function in a semi auto with SV "standard velocity" or "match" 22 ammo. The CCI mini-mags are the most consistent of the HV=high velocity for hardware store / off the shelf ammo.

    Some brands (esp. foreign made) leave more crud from outside grease on the bullet, and burnt powder residue in your semi auto thus affecting reliable function after 20-25 rounds. Use detergent and a toothbrush with boiling water. Keep notes of how the various ammo performs. The difference may be dramatic.

    Dry firing a 22 may cause the chamber to be deformed at the rear, as it is struck repeatedly & directly by the firing pin. You may have difficulty chambering a fresh round and more difficulty extracting a fired case, it may stick and come off the extractor. Use a cleaning rod to push it out.The fired case will show a cut or scrape where the chamber is deformed inward, just forward of the firing pin strike on the rim. Brownells makes a swaging tool to repair this problem. I say this because my (used) Colt Woodsman has been dry fired by its prior owner. I find this gripe when the cases stick in the chamber when the slide or bolt is opened.

    Enjoy your toys.
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    I have a .22 conversion kit for my Glock. One of the best buys I've done. It seems to like the bulk Remington golden bullets best.
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