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    Police officers sue for full amount of salary bonus for higher educational qualifications

    Cash-strapped cities and towns across Massachusetts could be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars if the state’s highest court finds in favor of police officers who say they are entitled to the full amount of an education bonus program.

    The lawsuit, which goes before the Supreme Judicial Court tomorrow, was filed by Boston police officers. It centers on the Police Career Incentive Pay Program, also known as the Quinn Bill, which awards salary bonuses to officers who earn college degrees in criminal justice or law.
    “This is a very important case for cities and towns in terms of their finances,’’ said Michael J. Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. “If they are forced to pick up the state’s share of the Quinn Bill costs, it will be another blow to municipal finances. Certainly, in some communities, there will be the ironic outcome of layoffs of police officers if municipalities are required to pick up the state’s share.’’

    If the court sides with the officers, Boston could owe nearly $16.8 million in back pay for hundreds of officers. And, going forward, Boston officials estimate they would be responsible for about $10 million a year to cover what used to be the state’s half of the program.

    Police say they are, by law, owed the money, which can boost an officer’s pay by as much 25 percent.

    The Quinn Bill, named after former attorney general Robert H. Quinn, was passed in 1970 and was designed to encourage higher education in a field that was rapidly professionalizing.
    More here: Boston police suit may have wide impact - Metro - The Boston Globe

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    not possible here in South Carolina, This is a right-to-work state and depts can let you go with grievance committee meetings. (Sheriff's Office anyway)



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