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    TSA apologizes for asking to see elderly woman's colostomy device and putting another elderly woman's back brace through X-ray machine

    The Transportation Security Administration has apologized for the actions of some airport screeners, and that its officers did not follow standard procedures when they asked to see a colostomy device on one woman and put another woman's back brace through an X-ray machine. But the agency stands by its earlier statements that neither woman was strip searched or asked to remove any clothing.
    Sherman's son, Ralph, told CNN his mother has a permanent colostomy bag attached to the left of her navel which causes a bulge under her clothing. He was not present during the incident, but has been speaking on behalf of his mother.
    Upon noticing the bulge, according to Ralph Sherman, TSA officers said to his mother, "Pull down your pants. Pull down your underwear."
    In a blog post on December 4, shortly after the alleged incidents occurred, TSA firmly denied the allegations. "TSA contacted the passenger to apologize that she feels she had an unpleasant screening experience; however, TSA does not include strip search in its protocols," the post read, "and a strip search did not occur in this case."
    "Terrorists remain focused on attacking transportation through tactics such as concealing explosives under clothing," the blog post added.
    For the Shermans, the apology does not go far enough. Ralph Sherman says his mother, who turns 89 this month, is still traumatized by the incident. "It's hard enough bringing an 89-year-old woman up north as it is," he said.
    More here: TSA regrets 'discomfort,' but says elderly fliers weren't strip-searched - CNN.com

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    I love it. No responsibility. TSA apologized that "SHE FEELS she had an unpleasant screening experience."

    A proper apology would be we are sorry that WE caused you an unpleasant screening experience. Whether or not it was justified or not, she really did have an unpleasant screening experience, she didn't just feel that way.
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