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    Personal Accountability

    Several things have happened lately (and not-so-lately) that have had me thinking.

    What has happened to society that has placed so much less emphasis on personal accountability?

    When I was younger, if you got drunk, acted stupid in a store parking lot, and disobeyed a police officer, public opinion was that you owned whatever you got. If you got skinned up and went to jail, it was you that did it to yourself, not the police officer. I have had suspects way back that fought the police and lost, only to admit they did it to themselves.

    Recent vehicle pursuits that ended with innocent people hurt have brought outrage against the police with hardly a word said blaming or even mentioning the suspects actions, no matter how outrageous. Thinking has changed over the years regarding chasing for minor infractions, and in most cases, rightly so, but why did people stop placing hardly ANY blame on the suspect?

    We used to arrest juveniles and the parents were thankful towards us and embarrassed and furious at the kid. They might provide defense and try to help the child but on they never blamed the police for charging the kid.

    How do you think this happened? Where did this mindset come from? Can we help change this? I've thought a lot about it lately and I really can't answer these questions. I suspect that it's because that way of thinking is so foreign to me that I can't fathom it.
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    We have become a nation that give a ton of power to a "victim". Victims can sue, gain notoriety, ect. I'm all for legitimate victims being made whole now. However, what you are talking about is people that try to claim victimhood to enrich themselves, avoid consequences, and cloud the border between right and wrong.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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