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    Telemarketers will have to get written permission before making robocalls

    Under the new rules, telemarketers would have to get permission in writing before placing an automated call to a consumer. Currently, companies that have an established business relationship with a particular consumer can call them without permission. For example, the FCC official said, a bank could robocall one of its checking account customers to try and sell them insurance. These new rules stop that without written permission.
    Telemarketers also will be required to let you opt out of any future calls during their robocall. "It should say something like press *1 or *5," the official explained. If you pressed the number, the company couldn't legally call you again.
    "Dead air" calls would also be limited. Right now some telemarketers place many calls at once guessing how many people will answer the phone. If more people answer than there are operators, some people hear silence.
    More here: FCC set to impose new limits on automated telemarketing calls - CNN.com

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    Boy am I glad to hear that. I have no patience for those calls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warrants 1 View Post
    Boy am I glad to hear that. I have no patience for those calls.

    Me to. Now, if they would just include Political Parties and those telling thier (often bull shit) candadate.



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