WHO THE HELL died and made roger goodell god???how can 1 person tell another"you have been friends with this person for years,you are coworkers for years,guess what? "I" have decided you cannot see,speak,or think his name for 1 year!!,Now as a cop,I would love to wield this kind of power,but in this country there is a thing called "due process",anyone else ever hear of it??It is quite apparent that several years ago when N.O.was granted the 2013 Super bowl,that there was no way the Saints would be in that number!,Well,hullllloooooo,we WERE there,so goddel had to kill it by taking out all the chiefs,Payton,Vilma,Loomis,etc . out of the equation.

.In my business ,no victim,= no crime.WHO has complained?who has said,"I was hit too hard{poor baby} by Vilma so he could get money.?"I am totally frustrated with the nfl,and will NEVER again buy any product with the nfl logo,it only fuels a pseudo gods arrogance.Maybe when they wake up and get rid of GODell,I will rethink.

RANT OVER ----fer now.