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    Exclamation What country is this????

    What Country Is This?

    1. Only professionals or investors can immigrate to the country.
    No unskilled laborers will be allowed in. Investors must be able to invest at least 40,000 times the daily average wage. If they can't, they are not allowed in.

    2. Immigrants may purchase property, but locations and availability will be limited. Ocean front property cannot be purchased by immigrants. It is exclusively for citizens born in the country.

    3. Immigrants cannot vote nor can they be elected to any public office.

    4. Immigrants cannot collect any type of government assistance.

    5. Immigrants cannot protest the countries government, policies or president.

    6. Immigrants cannot display a flag of a foreign country.

    7. Immigrants who have illegally entered the country will be found and imprisoned.

    Sound kind of harsh? Well, these are laws that are currently part of the Immigration Laws of????????
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    I was thinking the same thing, Mexico!
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    It sounds like some of the things I heard about for here in the US. But to my knowledge they were not put into law, only special interests testing the water. Is it here??

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    Those laws only apply to those who are not "naturalized" and become citizens. There are limits on political involvement (like becoming President), but immigrants who become citizens can vote and live and do as they please. ILLEGAL immigrants are just that--ILLEGAL. They may be fine folks, and the vast majority probably are. But they are ILLEGAL. Aside from the illegal immigration issue, is the threat we face from Islamo-facist jihadis around the globe who can presently enter our country unnoticed through our porous borders to kill us and our children.

    As for my limited experience with illegals: in my area the few illegals we have are scumbags. They're dope-dealers and one is a suspected rapist. They do work for an area rancher, but they also get free health care and some type of government subsidy (though I don't know the particulars). They augment that and their paychecks with dope sales.

    We've called INS a few times and get the, "Boy! We'd LOOOOVE to help you, but we're just sooooooooo busy!" [Translation: I've won six straight games of Solitaire on the computer! You're gonna break the streak, Dude!"

    Short version: Illegal immigration is a problem that could have been prevented with more foresight a few decades ago, but MUST be stopped now. There are a lot of problems with the system in place that need to be fixed, stream-lined, etc. Until things get fixed, though, illegal still means illegal. And those who violate our laws don't get much sympathy from me.
    "Nothing says guilty like a high-priced lawyer."
    - Tom Griswold

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    this might piss people off, BUT... this reminds me of the problems with our welfare. just like some illegals are good, some on welfare are also good but.... the majority i see are bad. they make a point to abuse it. sit at home doing nothing while they and their children run around stealing shit and peddling drugs so they can afford the 22" rims on their cars and the gold chains, etc... who is stuck paying the bill, me and you who work our asses off just to get by, while they laugh. just my 2 cents!



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