What's Needed:
* Two cases of Dos X Beer per person,... or three
* One dozen limes
* Salt
* shot glasses
* beer bong
* Tequila
* Tequila worms

For each time the president mentions the following words or phrases do the following...

- Welcome- Salt Glasses
- Welcoming Society- Swig from "XX" Drink!
- Jobs Americans won't do- down one "XX" Drink!
- Nation of immigrants- Tequila shots Drink!
- Family values don't stop at the Rio Grande- Drink, Si?
- Good-hearted people- Bottle of "XX" Drink!
- Path to citizenship- Beer bongs! Drink!
- Vicente Fox- Beer bong! One "XX" Drink, Si?
- The distinguished senator from Massachusetts- Chew tequila worm, Swallow!
- This is not amnesty- Naked pyramid,... tequila, chug!