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    License plate scanners could track religious practices, political activities, and affairs

    There are some uses of automatic license-plate readers that most people would agree are relatively unobjectionable looking for cars that fled crime scenes or have been stolen, for example. The real problem is that when the government stores that information, it is not trying to solve an ongoing crime it is building a database. These databases can quickly fill up with all sorts of details about how people lead their lives. By piecing together the locations of a particular license plate over time, the government may be able to determine if someone goes to church, synagogue or mosque regularly; whether they go to meetings of a particular political group; whether they participate in protests; or even if they are having an affair.

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    Funny that Time would be writing this article. I'm not 100% sure but almost........isn't Time owned by Saudi Arabia or one of the Middle east countries?

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    Could it be used that way? Yeah, sure. So could records from Speed Pass systems, or subway fare cards...

    It's a mountain of data to deal with. At a guess, an LPR system in a reasonably populated area read something on the order of several hundred to several thousand plates, depending on the officer's patrol habits.
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    I drive a LPR car almost every shift.

    On a good day when I have time to drive through apartment complex lots, I'll run 1500 plates. On a busy call night, maybe a couple hundred.

    The ACLU is putting out open records request about this very same nonsense.
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    All the motorway patrol cars are fitted with these devices. There are fixed camera positions doing the same along the road networks and cities.
    The amount of information gathered is vast. You can't wok out someones religion or if they are going to a particular building.
    We have to turn off most of the databases so that they can be used practically.
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