While most children Stella Ehrhart's age are thinking about what they're going to be for Halloween, this 8-year-old from Nebraska is thinking about who she's going to be each day of the week.
All it takes is a black dress and a red-tissue paper flower in her hair and she's jazz singer Billie Holiday. Or, she's Jane Goodall with a flannel shirt and stuffed chimp tucked under her arm. With a khaki shirt emblazoned with a police badge she's her Aunt Pam, a police officer.
Her ideas come from books, people she learns about or even friends and relatives, she said. The list goes on and on because she hasn't repeated a single costume since she started last year at the beginning of second grade, Stella and her mother say.
Stella was reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little House" series about a pioneer family's life and wondered what the author wore. The next day she showed up to school in a dress with leggings, Stella said, starting a tradition that lasted the entire school year. She resurrected it this year as she began third grade.

It's important to not repeat characters, Stella said in a phone interview, because doing so would mean fewer opportunities to try something new.

Nebraska third grader dresses 'in character' every day for school - CNN.com