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Thread: An open letter to the candidates for President

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    An open letter to the candidates for President

    An open letter to the candidates for President:


    The election is nearly upon us. Please, let's agree to leave it behind us after tomorrow, Election Day. Win, lose, or draw -- let it end with the vote. No months of litigation following the election. No legal battles for every last hanging chad, absentee vote held up in the mail system, or whatever. Do the Nation, and the victor, the service of stepping back, and letting them get on with the job. It's going to be hard enough, no matter who wins, without stalling and delaying their ability to get on with it by endless law suits. One will win, others will lose. Winners -- be gracious about it. Losers -- don't be jerks. Show the world the real triumph of our Nation: that every four years, we peacefully change or affirm our government, without bloodshed and without clamor.

    A Citizen and Voter

    As an aside -- There really were more than 2 candidates. It sure would have been nice had the media noticed...

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    Voting against incumbents until we get a Congress that does its job.

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    Well said, sir!




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