Being politically incorrect is not an American phenomenon. It has hit Germany. These childrens books are being targeted. I remember my wife reading them to the kids when they were small. Interesting, just click on the arrows to go from frame to frame. Arfn't Socialists great???

Last month German Family Minister Kristina Schröder incited the ire of her fellow conservative politicians when she took aim at politically incorrect content in classic children's literature. In addition to suggesting that God should be gender neutral, she criticized sexist and racist messages in some of these tales too. If she were to read aloud to her daughter from one of Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking books, called "Pippi in Taka Tuka Land" in German, she would leave out the word "negro" in order "to protect my child from taking on such expressions," Schröder told the daily newspaper Die Zeit