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    Police cutbacks can decrease home values

    In fact, in our survey of almost 20,000 home shoppers, safety ranked above price when asked what were the most important characteristics when purchasing their next home.So, what happens when a city cuts back on services such as police officers? Our consulting team is finding numerous instances all over the country where demand is declining in certain cities and rising in neighboring cities, and we believe the change is largely attributable to deteriorating services such as police, fire and school quality.
    In Florida,
    the City of Hollywood cut its police force from 320 officers in 2007 to 305 in 2011, and violent & property crime increased from 2011 to 2012 as illustrated in the charts below.
    The nearby City of Fort Lauderdale actually increased police forces from 459 to 505 in the same time period, and experienced a 2% decline in total crime in the city.

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