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    Inmates run prisons in Honduras

    In a massive prison in the world's murder capital, a painted yellow mark on the ground separates the inmates from the guards.
    They call the line in the prison in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, "the line of death," according to the human rights report.
    "The prison guards know that they must not cross into the yard ... without the authorization of the inmates, while the inmates refuse to leave the external perimeter in police custody," the report says.
    There are two padlocks on the prison gate, the report says. The guards lock the outside, and the inmates lock the inside.
    Inside one cell in another prison, investigators from the human rights commission said they saw a sight that stood out from the typically squalid conditions: varnished, wood-paneled walls.
    The inmate had a private toilet, a large bed, a remote-controlled air conditioning unit and his own TV.
    Why? He was what's known as a "coordinator" -- a key figure in the prison hierarchy.
    According to the report, his responsibilities include: applying disciplinary punishment; setting the prices inmates pay to live in cells; distributing and setting food prices; and resolving conflicts that emerge during daily prison life.
    "Above all," the report says, "the 'coordinators' serve as spokesmen or liaisons with the prison authorities, and are really privileged prisoners who exercise a degree of decision-making power within the prisons, often sharing the benefits with the prison authorities."
    The system has serious consequences, the report argues, including promoting corruption and allowing illicit goods to enter the facility.
    In San Pedro Sula, for example, the prison yard houses a large bazaar.
    According to the report, there are "barbers' shops, cafeterias, bakeries, sales of fruit and food of all kinds, sales of medications and cloth, tailoring workshops, a cobbler's shop, a leather workshop, carpentry, a cabinetmaker's workshop, crafts, manufacture of mirrors, billiard tables, games tables and many soft drink dispensing machines."
    Inmates running the asylum? In Honduras prisons, that's no joke - CNN.com

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    I hear they are going to make this a regular reality show on comedy central.
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