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    Artist creates faces from DNA left in public places

    er process starts with finding a sample in a public place -- a strand of hair, a cigarette butt or a chewed piece of gum -- anything that might contain cells from a person's body."You want something that is relatively fresh," she said. "Nothing that has been stepped on or that looks like it's been sitting around for ages."Dewey-Hagborg takes the sample to a community biotechnology lab in Brooklyn called Genspace. There she uses a standard DNA extraction protocol to mine the DNA, purify it and use it in polymerase chain reactions. The technical process is outlined on her blog."From a cigarette butt, I can learn where someone's ancestors likely came from, their gender, eye color, hair color, complexion, freckles, their tendency to be overweight and a handful of dimensions of the face as well with a certain likelihood," she said.Once she obtains the sequencing information, she takes the traits she's gathered from the individual's DNA and feeds it into a computer program to generate a 3-D model of a face.
    Artist creates faces from DNA left in public - CNN.com

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    Neat... but kind of creepy. Though I can see some investigative uses for it...
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