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Thread: Chicago police expand foot patrols to 20 most dangerous areas

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    Chicago police expand foot patrols to 20 most dangerous areas

    The Chicago Police Department has expanded the use of foot patrols to 20 of the city's most dangerous areas, part of a strategy initiated earlier this year that officials say has cut crime.
    As the number of rookies on foot patrol has increased since March, the department has reduced the number of veteran officers working overtime in impact zones in an effort to save money.The rookies assigned to the foot patrols have completed 12 weeks of field training after graduation from the Police Academy.The Fraternal Order of Police, the union that represents rank-and-file police officers, raised concerns earlier in the year about the rookie officers' safety while walking the beat. FOP President Michael Shields suggested it would be safer if they patrolled in squad cars.
    Chicago police expand foot patrols to 20 of most dangerous areas - chicagotribune.com

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    How about the courts expand their prosecution of crimes, instead of just slapping the hoodlums on the wrist?
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