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Thread: Why we do the job.

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    Why we do the job.

    I was working patrol yesterday and decided to take a walk through the elementary school . It was lunchtime and there were thirty or forty first and second graders lined up to eat. One little girl,(who's Mom I'd arrested in the summer,) yelled out, "Hi, Officer Keith!" I went over by her and she couldn't wait to show me the gap in her smile where she had just lost a baby tooth! The other kids in line were all waiting for "Hi-fives" and suddenly one little guy, about seven-years-old, walked out of the line. He looked very solemn as he approached. I knelt down to see what he wanted, and with the sincerity that only children possess, he held out his hand to shake mine, looked me square in the eye, and said," Officer Keith, thank you for keeping me safe from the bad guys." That, my friends, is why I do this job. The gratitude of a little child and knowing they feel safe because myself and my brothers and sisters in law enforcement are out there, is a great feeling.
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    That is awesome, Officer Keith!



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