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    Man arrested over 1,500 times

    To many, the homeless gent goes by James Brown, after the "Godfather of Soul," and can often be found singing and shaking his moneymaker for change to buy his next drink.Hence, the arrests -- which have topped 1,500, according to The Smoking Gun, which is owned by CNN's parent company.
    "It's a weekly, if not every-two-or-three-days thing," she said. "He's never doing bad or illegal things purposely. ... He's just so highly intoxicated that he's posing a danger to himself."Almost all of his arrests have been for alcohol intoxication, though there's the occasional criminal trespass, Roberts said.There have even been times when Earl was released from the Fayette County Jail in the evening, only to return by midnight. One anecdote -- and there are many -- places a fresh-out-of-the-clink Earl in a sandwich shop near the University of Kentucky campus, telling jokes and dancing for change, wrote commenter Douglas Hurt on The Smoking Gun website."We walked outside and he said he needed a place to go and looked around like he was looking for someone. Next thing I know is that a cop drives by and Henry says, 'Welp... here's my ride' and grabs someone's drink and throws it at the cop car," Hurt wrote.
    Most-arrested man to face judge, friends hope for 'Christmas miracle' - CNN.com

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    Man Arrested Over 1,500 Times

    Minnesota no longer has a statute for public intoxication. However, if you are intoxicated and a danger to yourself or others, you may get a ride to a detoxification facility.

    It would be interesting to take an analytical look at the cost of all of the resources he has consumed. Nearby Saint Paul MN has at least one "wet house". The concept of a "wet house" was new to me a couple of years ago. Do other here have wet houses in their areas? If so, have they lowered the costs of chronic alcohol users?



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