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Thread: School bans 9-year-old's "My Little Pony" backpack because it triggers bullying

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    School bans 9-year-old's "My Little Pony" backpack because it triggers bullying

    An elementary school in Buncombe County, N.C., banned 9-year-old Grayson Bruce from carrying his My Little Pony backpack earlier this month saying it triggered bullying.Kids in the school picked on Grayson for carrying the fuzzy, blue bag with cartoon pony Rainbow Dash's face on it. One morning it got to be too much."He didn't want to get out of the car because kids were being really mean," his mom, Noreen Bruce, told USA TODAY Network. She decided to get the school counselor involved, but didn't get the help she expected."One of her suggestions was to hide it," Noreen Bruce said. "She said that if you have something like this you're asking for trouble." Later, the principal called and told her to keep the backpack at home.Bruce didn't agree: "I said, 'You're missing the picture here. You're telling him that it's OK for them to make fun of him."The bullying was so bad that Grayson was afraid to go back to school. "One kid told him to go home to kill himself," she said. "Things I can't believe 9-year-olds are saying to each other."
    School bans 9-year-old boy's My Little Pony backpack

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    Don't address the negative behavior, make the victims stop being a dork. Good plan.

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    My Sgt. told me to stop bringing my My Little Pony backpack to work. He said it was too sissy for a patrol bag and he handed me a 511 catalog. I went home and cried.
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    Do I have to get rid of my matching bedding as well?
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    I would buy another one and accompany my kid to the school, while wearing it and bully the administration.
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