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    Anyone ever drive a B4C Camaro?

    Im thinking of buying a B4C (police package) Camaro when I pay my truck off. Anyone ever drive one? I figure if I can get an anniversary edition B4C it will be pretty valuable in the long run after I run the guts out of it
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    Sure have, we have ran Camaros in 93, 96, and 2001. Still have a couple 01s on the road. they are wickedly fast, top out about 165sh. First time I drove one I was chasing down a violator and had to pass a semi truck and another car, so I mashed the gas and it was instant "wood". The accelaration was/is awesome. I hit 140 in no time, being used the the crown vic which mihgt have made it ot 100.

    We will put 15 Chargers to work on the 30th. Can't wait to get behind the wheel of one of those. And no, they are not as quick, nor as fast as the Camaro.

    Check the insurance rates on the the police package camaro. It may scare you. (so I have been told)

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    Lol I saw B4C and I was thinking that you were talking about an old one (before Christ) lol

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    I own a 2002 Camaro SS and I love it. The only difference between mine and B4C Camaro is a couple of things. The suspension in the B4C is made to handle more weight. There is also some cosmetic differences like the hood and spoiler. I have the same intake and throttle body as an 2002 Corvette. I believe Chevy did that with all the 02 Z28's and SS's. There are plenty of LS1 websites to learn more about the B4C.

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    I got this one new in '97, and drove it until about three months ago.

    1997 Police package Camaro Coupe with the LT1 package.

    Was it fast? In a word - - - Damn fast. (Still is.)

    I had to give it up with a change in job assignments. (It's still on the road with the guy that took my place.)

    I'm currently driving a POS Intrepid, but better days are ahead. I'm waiting on the arrival of my new ride, an '07 Chevy Tahoe Police package. It will have the same under the hood (LT1) as the Camaro.

    Undoubtably won't be as quick as the Camaro, but should still hold it's own. (Couldn't talk the bean counters into a Dodge Hemi, but I tried.) Oh well.

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