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Thread: Your Dream

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    Your Dream

    Show us your dream home.

    This is my dream home. As soon as my daughter is out and in college, and as soon as my wife nears retirement..... we will build this. The lower level will be a 4 car garage, tall enough to get vans and 4X4 trucks in easily. The next level up will be the kitchen, living room, den, bathroom and dining room. The uppermost level will be a VERY large bedroom with walk-in closet and master bathroom...... and a 2nd bedroom. I have every intention of building this and being in it by 2008 to 2012 at the latest.

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    I like this one - Never have it though

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    Yo, sheriff,think about something,(this has always bothered me on multi-levels) smoke (and odors) go UP,that means when you go to bed in level 3 you will be smelling level 2,hope you dont like fried fish!!Just something to think about over the next couple years.



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