Ok, here's a story.. Gather around the campfire kid's.

Wed. evening I was assigned for the night to the Echo Unit. My sole job was to go serve warrants, find drugs, put people in jail, and get into things. Well, an arrest warrant just came out for a lady that's been behind a lot of property crimes in the area. So, Me, the K9 unit, and two other units roll out to a shack we believe she is staying in, to see if we can get her.

Well, after some coaxing, and some bluffing from the K9 unit, we get her to come out, and we take her into custody. She wanted to resist me, and was promptly shown the err in her ways. We get down to the jail and she immediately played sick. Jail nurse said they would take her. So, she get's booked, I get my stat.

well, at 5:45am (15 minutes before end of shift) I get a message from the jail, saying a large bag of white crystals was found in her vaginal cavity during a strip search. So, now at 6:30am (was all ready working late for half an hour because of perimeter for a burglary just occurred), I had to drive back down to the jail, test the stuff, and charge her. Well, I tested the stuff for meth initially, then crack cocaine, and cocaine, and they all came back negative.

I told the jail to hold her because additional charges were incomming as soon as I get positive tests results back. But, wouldn't be able to get another test until later in the evening when I come back on shift. go to the hospital (she was transported to the hospital) to interview her and see if she'll admit to what it is. She played unconscious (until the nurse showed up to discharge her, when she was fully alert, and then promptly went back to an unconscious state when the nurse was done.).

Well, get back to last night.. I go back to work and sit at the substation at around 1am and after some work, FINALLY get a positive back. 4.1 grams (would have been 5 if it had only taken one test.) of Methamphetamine. Well, I go check the jail file, and the Jail released her after saying they were going to hold her.

Well, I go ahead and write my probable cause up for Possession of Methamphetmine (2nd degree felony) Possession of contraband within a county detentional facility (3rd degree felony) and Possession of drug paraphernalia (1st degree misdemeaner). day shift comes on duty and I'm still working on paperwork, and ask a few of them to see if they would be interested in going to the lady's house to pick her up and arrest her. They agree.

they head out first thing after begining of shift, to go try and find her. They go by the house and it's locked up, no one home. I get a message on my computer at 3pm saying they found her, and arrested her. She had just gotten back to her shack from being out after getting out of jail, and deputies were there waiting for her when she got there. She was returned to the jail within 24 hours of being released, on multiple felony charges.

Being arrested the first time on a warrant at 3am: Free
Bonding out of jail on a $1000 bail for that warrant: $100
Being arrested again before even making it back home for hiding Meth in your vagina and not thinking we'll find it, and realizing you just got PWN3D: Priceless