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Thread: Tgif Baby!

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    Tgif Baby!

    I know it is technically only Monday, but my count its FRIDAY BABY! Three days off after working a straight 8, good times.

    What have I learned these last 8 days? People are FUCKING RETARDED! I have arrested 6 people in the last 8 days. Two of those people were comming to bond out 2 of the other 4.

    Here's a tip for the bad guys: IF YOU HAVE WARRANTS, DO NOT COME INTO A POLICE STATION!

    In all fairness though, I don't think its standard proceedure for most departments to check the warrant status of people who come to bond out a prisoner. In fact, it was a policy put into place shortly before I went full time.

    And yea, I have learned a wealth more than that in my first 8 days on the road.
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    It's not my SO's policy, but when I worked in the jail, I always ran people for warrants.

    Always a good time.
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    Are you drunk yet? If not, wht the hell not?



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