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    Angry Cop attacked by partygoers as he chases perp through yard...

    Frauds say send in the cavalry, then a cop is beaten
    By Joe Fitzgerald
    Boston Herald Columnist
    Wednesday, July 19, 2006 - Updated: 01:46 AM EST

    The next time a “spokesman for the community” begins hollering for a greater police presence in crime-ridden neighborhoods, here’s hoping someone asks why he or she had nothing to say in the wake of what happened three nights ago on Sonoma Street in Roxbury.
    Cop harassed:
    If you missed it, a rookie Boston cop was in full pursuit of a suspect, whom he believed might be armed, when the chase led them through a yard where a children’s birthday party was in progress.

    “We could tell by his radio transmission what he then experienced,” Mike McCarthy, a Boston police spokesman, said. “It was difficult to make out his exact words, other than screaming for help, because while he was on the ground with this guy, partygoers began pelting him with Pepsi cans, sets of keys, anything they could find. Some actually began to kick and punch him.”
    But Jarrod Gero, 33, managed to scramble to his feet and resume the chase, eventually subduing Jerome Goffigan, 24.
    During the melee, Gero’s cell phone was ripped from the pocket of his shirt, so, after the arrest was made, he returned to retrieve it.
    “Everyone played dumb,” McCarthy said. “No one knew what happened to the officer’s phone.”
    That was Sunday night, and not one political or pastoral leader in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan has seen fit to acknowledge, much less condemn, the unconscionable behavior of that cowardly mob.
    There hasn’t been a single a peep of outrage.
    “Here we are, in the peak of summer,” McCarthy noted, “when everyone’s looking for more cops, and these folks had one in their own backyard, but didn’t want him there. They could have assisted the officer, or at least not impeded him, and yet they did neither; in fact, they did everything they could to prevent him from doing his job.”
    For the kids looking on, it was a riveting display of warped values, a disgraceful endorsement of a mindset “community leaders” profess to abhor.
    “The kids witnessed adults encouraging the bad guy to get away,” McCarthy pointed out. “That was the message the adults gave them, loud and clear: Beat up the police and help the bad guy get away. You’d think they wouldn’t want someone like that running through their children’s party. But nothing’s unbelievable to me anymore.”
    It’s a story to remember the next time you hear some headline-hunting, cop-bashing “community leader” rushing to a microphone to rail against “the system.”
    Remind him or her about Sonoma Street, and ask if that’s how they think “the system” ought to work?
    Damon Mercer, who’s been a Boston firefighter for 22 years, once explained to an assembly of Mattapan eighth-graders how he chose his profession.
    “Growing up in Mission Hill,” he said, “I’d see people applauding firefighters, knowing they had come to help. I’d hear of Officer Friendly, but in my mind Mr. Friendly was always a firefighter. People would get mad at the police, especially when they came to lock up someone, but firefighters never made anyone mad.”

    Mercer’s recollection was repeated to McCarthy.
    “That’s pretty much how it is,” he agreed. “When we show up, no one’s waiting to say, ‘Hey, great to see you today!’
    “Still, there’s no excuse for what happened to Officer Gero. Imagine if one of those kids had been hurt by the suspect he was trying to apprehend; he’d have been ripped for not protecting them. Instead he got beaten up for it.
    “Yet he was back at roll call Monday night, ready to do it again.”

    Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft. -
    Theodore Roosevelt


    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

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    So are we suprised??? I dont think so! I beleive that goes under the heading of Status Quo Good story tho ,thanks for sharing.

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    Too bad it wasn't a K9 unit.

    Doggy tricks for the party.

    We are the thin blue line
    between you
    and all the money in the world.

    And no you can't have any.

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    no surprise at all to hear of the mobs reaction to the officer. i've been involved in many situations like that, sometimes alone sometimes with a partner. always watch your back. P.S mace is my friend....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost98
    no surprise at all to hear of the mobs reaction to the officer. i've been involved in many situations like that, sometimes alone sometimes with a partner. always watch your back. P.S mace is my friend....
    Yep. Spray the fuck out of anyone close to you and let them feel the heat! I never forget a face... After I caught the original puke...I'd go back and hook up every shit bag I remember, that I could!
    K-9 When the door pops...The bullshit stops!

    Go ahead run...I'll even give you a head start!

    When the public needs help, they call the Police.
    When the Police needs help, they call SWAT.
    When SWAT needs help, they call K-9!

    Duty not Reward

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    That's sick that it even happens at all. What's the world coming too when we can't even help the police? What's next attacking other rescue personnel? They're nuts!

    I must say I'm surprised by the responses to this thread. You all act as though this is to be expected. That's sad too. Does it really happen that much? How do you put up with it? That would drive me crazy or to the point of wanting to hit them over the head and knock some sense into them.

    Stay safe guys.



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