Hoo-ah! Don't mess with the Marines.

A man accused of trying to break into the Congress Street house known as The Boneyard - home to Marines enrolled at The Citadel - learned the hard way recently that you should not mess with the U.S. Marine Corps.

In late June a burglar was caught red handed trying to break into the home. When MECEP Sgt. Matthew Smith caught the man trying to remove a window air conditioning unit from the rear of the house he and his fellow Marines Sgt. Brad Parr and Staff Sgt. Robert Clements confronted the burglar. The burglar fled and the Marines began the chase. The burglar didn't get far before the three Marines nabbed him and detained him until police arrived.

On July 18, the Charleston Police Department gave Smith, Park and Clements citizen commendations for their efforts.

The Marine Enlisted Commissioning Educational Program (MECEP) began at The Citadel in 1973 as an extension of the Marine-oriented Naval ROTC program. The MECEP program allowes enlisted Marines to earn their college degree and an officer's commission upon graduation. It is one of two programs aimed at enlisted servicemen and women. The Navy Seaman to Admiral Commissioning Program (STA-21) began in 2002 for enlisted personnel stationed at the Naval Nuclear Power School or Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit.


These guys attend The Citadel but not as cadets. They take 4 years of college as enlisted, in full uniform, and then receive their commissions at graduation with everyone else.

Good for them.. Wrong freakin house asshat...