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    Helping Others.....

    As a parent, keeping your child out of a Gang isnít going to be easy. It would be if in a perfect world. But we live in a world where both parents work, or there are single parent households. But what you can do to help in keeping your child out of a gang is talk to your child. Not just in passing, but sit down and talk, and be prepared to listen. Donít talk to your child as a parent to child, but as a friend. Donít judge, or criticize your child.

    Sit down and listen.
    Go someplace comfortable, and just sit back and be honest, let your child know that this is just between you and them. Donít make it seem like your child has to answer questions, or is being ďinterrogatedĒ by you. Ensure your child that this is an open, honest talk between you and him/her. Let your child just talk, and answer questions without sounding angry, or judgmental. Use this time to find out what activities your child is interested in, and make mental notes on that. Use this time to for both of yaíll to learn.

    Help your child.
    Once you find out what your child is interested in, help your child get more involved. If it is sports, find a little league and help your child get into that, if it is building models, get some models. But donít just help your child get into it, get involved as well. We are all busy, but we make time for ourselves, use some of that time to give to your child. Itís a small sacrifice to make to keep your kid out of a Gang. Show them they donít have to look somewhere else to find love, belonging, and family.

    Pay Attention.
    Pay attention to your child, look at the small details. If you see that your child may be using what appears to be gang signs or dressing in gang colors, step up and ask. Donít sneak around. If your child feels that you are spying on him, he will turn away. Donít step on him and approach him as if you are interrogating him, but just make mention of it and be prepared to listen. Donít assume anything, something may look like gang colors or emblems and may not be. With trends always changing, sometimes its hard to tell.

    These are just some ways to help, but each child is different. I donít guarantee that these all will work, but each one has one thing in common. Spending time with your child. Thatís the number one thing to do to help keep your child out of a gang. If you show your child that they donít have to turn to a gang to get the help, love, support they want, then the chance of them turning to a gang is small.

    I am not an expert, never claimed to be.
    I am just a concerned parent of 3 small children, and want to help keep kids out of gangs. These are the tools I use, and just want to pass them on to hopefully help others.

    Capt. D. Larimore
    NTISF Gang Unit

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    If my kid (when I have em anyway) ever joined a gang, OMG. They would get their ass whipped until my arm got tired of swinging. Same goes for drugs.
    Are you a 3%er? If you aren't, you should be.

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    One more thing...

    Ignore the politicians who tell you there's "no gang problem in our area!"

    EVERY city, county and town has a gang problem today. The only issue is whether some of them admit it or not. It may only be a few bangers coming in for the weekend... but I haven't seen the magic forcefield that keeps these s-heads out on the market yet!



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