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Thread: Sense of humor

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    Sense of humor

    OK, I'm sitting here watching The First 48, and the detectives are looking at a couple of burned out vehicles that were the main leads they had in this case. One of the detectives is saying things like "Damnit! There's not a damn thing here! It's * *ing useless! We're not going to get a *ing thing out of this! Son of a * *!" Then it cuts to a shot of the other vehicle in a similar condition, with the other detective saying "Oh holy * *" and the narrator, in a very solemn, serious voice, says "The other vehicle isn't of any help either" and I'm just dying laughing, thinking "Gee, what gave you that idea?"

    Of course, the announcer was saying things like "Detective Blair thinks the witness is lying" and the only thing I can think the detective is saying to his partner is "This guy is full of shit." Guess I've been hanging out with cops too long. But translating narrator script into what was really said is pretty entertaining.

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    LMAO, I am right there with ya.

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