Been meaning to do this for a while. I have been using Google Local on my phone for the past couple months now, and have just upgraded to the newest version, called Google Maps. This program is free and downloads straight to your Java-enabled phone (most newer Sprint and Cingular phones....sorry Verizon, et al, you are out of luck here), and is FREE. It uses only the airtime minutes of your phone's internet data plan. From it, you can look up businesses by type or name, and it gives you addresses, hours of operation, amenities (hotels, etc). You can then click on "Satellite" and sat imagery of the place you're looking for pops up! It is all public domain Google Earth type stuff, but it is still fricking cool to have on your phone. More than once I've used it at work to get a look at a house's yard layout before going to a high risk call. In addition, they have incorporated real-time traffic updates on it for 30 metropolitan areas across the US. Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it sounds fraking cool. Everyone I know is jealous of it, and I've been meaning to post a link here to it for a while.

Visit on your phone's web browser. Visit it on your computer to read up on the features. It will automatically detect what phone you have, and will let you know if your phone can run it. Then it is a simple matter of clicking the download link. Hope you guys can use it as much as I do.