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    Texas Roadhouse Makes Police Sick

    A "How to Do It Completely Wrong" Crisis Case Study
    By Jonathan Bernstein

    In May 2006, Fairfax, VA Police Detective Vicki Armel and Master
    Police Officer Michael Garbarino became the departments' first two
    officers killed on duty. They were gunned down by an assault
    weapon-wielding madman who was subsequently shot by police. There
    was, of course, the expected shock and mourning by their fellow
    officers and citizens of the communities they served. Officer
    Garbarino lingered near death in the hospital for almost two
    weeks, resulting in two separate funeral processions and

    However, there was another, much lesser, but still sickening shock
    to come the following month, behavior which reflects the very
    worst of corporate communications.

    In mid-June, the department's False Alarm Reduction Unit received
    a letter from their local Texas Roadhouse restaurant, which is
    located just down from the station, appealing a number of false
    alarm fines. The restaurant had tripped numerous false alarms,
    apparently as a result of wiring issues and problems with their
    alarm company. All of these problems and accumulated fines
    occurred prior to the date of the police shootings. FYI, Texas
    Roadhouse ( www.texasroadhouse.com) is a
    national chain that boasts
    about their "Legendary Food, Legendary Service(r)". What does this
    have to do with the shootings? Read on.

    In asking for the a waiver of the fines, the unbelievably
    insensitive letter pointed out that the restaurant had lost over
    $5,000 in sales the night of the shooting and $4,000 in sales
    during each funeral procession in the two weeks that followed.
    Police sources found this very hard to believe, as the
    intersection by the restaurant was closed for only about an hour
    during each funeral procession, and in the middle of the
    afternoon, not during the lunch or dinner rush.

    The letter went on to say that the restaurant had taken some food
    to the shooting incident command post and also noted that they
    give officers a discount when they eat in the restaurant
    (something many officers deny). The letter informed the
    department of the "major financial impact" the funeral events
    allegedly had on their store, asking for a re-examination of the
    false alarm fines based on those "facts."

    A senior police official contacted the corporate office for Texas
    Roadhouse in Kentucky and relayed her concern. She
    emphasized that at the same time OTHER local businesses were
    holding fund raisers for the fallen officers, their local
    restaurant was looking to use the incident as an excuse not to pay
    their fines. Although each store is individually owned, the
    corporate office appeared very concerned and asked that the letter
    be faxed to them, which it was, and the police official was told
    that "someone would be in touch."

    A week passed. A call came in to the police official from Texas
    Roadhouse's managing partner for the State of Virginia, who was
    going out of town for three days, but would "contact her when he

    Three weeks passed. The persistent police official contacted the
    corporate office yet again. Instead of escalating this to a
    senior corporate officer at this point, as they should have, they
    had Roadhouse's managing partner for Virginia call again to
    apologize on the restaurant's behalf.

    The owner of the local store, who wrote the letter, never
    contacted the department to express his regrets in any way.

    Your author has a "Deep Cop" contact who passed this information
    on to him, including this message sent by a police officer to Texas
    Roadhouse via the contact page on their website, at


    It has come to my attention that I owe your establishment an
    apology. I am an officer with Fairfax County. Earlier this
    year, I had the unfortunate experience of listening as two
    of my co-workers died of gunshot wounds near your restaurant.
    The ensuing investigation, regrettably, blocked (from your
    account) thousands of dollars worth of hungry citizens from
    eating that night. I compounded this problem by participating
    in a funeral procession, not once but TWICE, for my co-workers
    and again blocked thousands of dollars worth of business from
    you. I humbly apologize for such egregious actions on my part
    and will endeavor to, in the future and to what extent I can,
    not allow petty police actions from interrupting your business.
    I have asked all my co-workers to heed this and next time pick
    a more commercially advantageous spot to be ambushed and killed.
    If anything, I have requested that they all die at once, such
    that multiple funeral processions will not be necessary. In an
    effort to make sure that I am effective in my efforts, I have
    barred myself, and all those I can influence from entering or
    even parking in your establishment. This way I can be sure that
    my presence will not have the same selfish and undesired affect.
    If there is anything else that I can do to make sure your
    establishment has a banner year, please feel free to contact me.
    I will forward this message to all concerned parties.

    I am told that his sentiment is shared by most, if not all members
    of the department.

    Oh yes, and the False Alarm Unit was told to instruct the
    restaurant to pay their fines.

    Horrible letter. Slow and grossly inadequate corporate response.
    Maybe they should modify their slogan to "Legendary Food,
    Legendary Service, Legendary Insensitivity"?

    Patrick A. Richards

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    That is an outstanding response to the restaurant.

    Has the corporate office EVER provided a proper apology? Would it help to boycott their other restaurants thoughtout the country to prove a point since they are individually owned?
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    I stand-up and applaud that. I'm glad to see it got to the media, and I love the letter written by the officer to the manager/owner. Even though each one is idividually owned I still won't ever eat at another one again. I feel the corporate office and local office didn't do near enough in that situation.
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    what is wrong with people. i do not think i will be partaken of there wares anymore. the corporate office needs to be forthcoming with an apology quickly. please keep us updated. my heart goes out to the families.

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    There's a copy of the letter sent by the "official" in this post.
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