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    A Poem for my wifes father

    A Fathers Hands
    (In memory of Stardancers Father)
    By Soars With Eagles

    A Fathers hands are strong and true, They guide you, your whole life through.
    In his hands you feel loved and safe,
    Hands of love, and full of grace.

    My Fathers strong hands worked hard in the garden,
    plowing, weeding, and harvesting its bounty.

    My Fathers hands where skilled and true,
    building the furniture for us to sit on,
    to enjoy the view.

    My Fathers hands would cut the sugar cane,
    so that we might enjoy the sweetness that came.

    My Fathers hands would be hard at work,
    washing my hair as a young girl,
    in the bathroom sink.

    My Fathers hands where full of grace,
    pulling the covers over me, so loved and safe.

    My Fathers hands cared for us all,
    planting trees and flowers,
    for creatures great and small,
    he loved us all.

    My Fathers hands, so strong but gentle,
    holding a puppy, he brought home for the family.

    My Fathers hands, as we grew older in age,
    held all of his grandchildren lovingly,
    as he brought in the new generations.

    My Fathers hands, when it came time for his final rest,
    permitted my hands, to take his hands place.
    He let me care for him in his last day before rest,
    For a Father who loves me dearly,
    A man full of love and grace.
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    CopsRCool302 Guest
    Very well said! awsome Poem!



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