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    Thumbs up Why wearing seat belt is a good idea

    Why wearing seat belt is a good idea.

    Here I am again, trying to write another article when in reality I have nothing to write about. I have spent the last week trying to come up with something topical, but have failed miserably. I was going to write about being involved in a traffic accident, since I was in one a couple of weeks ago. Yes, it's true my defensive driving tactics let me down. My wife and I were in my truck waiting to turn left onto an Interstate 29 entrance ramp in South Dakota when a guy in a Ford minivan hit us in the rear end while doing, in my estimation, about 40 miles-per-hour. That impact shoved us into oncoming traffic and I hit a Chevy pickup in the side. I had looked in the rear view mirror at the last second and saw it coming. My wife had no idea. I was slightly hurt; my doctor says perhaps a slight concussion, and a stiff neck. My wife was hurt less, with a pretty big bruise on her arm where she banged into the door, and a slightly stiff neck. People tell me I came out on the worse end of the stick because I stiffened up and she didn't. It might be that she is just tougher than I am. Anyhow, I was going to write about proper behavior if you are involved in an accident, but I looked back and realized that I have already done an article on that subject so I won't do another. I do have one piece of advice to pass on as a result of this experience. Wear your seat belt! We always wear our belts, and had them on when we got hit, but my wife had just put hers on maybe 10 seconds before the accident. We had just left a rest stop and were getting back on the interstate. She was getting the notebook computer from behind the seat of the truck because she was going to do some work on the remainder of the ride home. Right before the accident she said, "Oh, I'd better get my seat belt on," and clicked it on. About 10 seconds later, "BAM." I think that if she had not had her seat belt on, she would have been banged around the cab of the truck like a rag doll, and probably hurt much more seriously. I also know that the guy in the Chevy truck that we got shoved into probably would have been hurt if he had not had a belt on. He told me that the only injury he had was a sore shoulder from where the seat belt caught him. Without the belt, he probably would have hit something hard and been hurt. Long story short, always wear your seat belts. I have only had one other accident in a personal vehicle, and that is when I was in college. You never know when something is going to happen. I would rather have it on and not need it rather than to need it and not have it on. OK, enough lecturing, what else has been going on? How about the latest in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. I was hoping that they had the right guy, but I was wondering from the very beginning of the news coverage if they did. I know better than to make decisions about a case based only on news coverage, but a lot of things just did not add up. I will not second-guess another law enforcement agency based only on news coverage, but I was thinking one thing after the news broke that they had kicked the guy loose. How would I explain to the mayor that I had just spent several hundred thousand dollars bringing a guy back from Thailand, only to turn him loose a couple days later? Something tells me he would not be real happy. Probably unhappy enough that, to put it politely, my services would no longer be required. Maybe sometime in the future, I will get into why uncorroborated murder confessions just don't cut it, even if the guy confessing looks good for the murder at the time.

    - Keith Mehlin is the Council Bluffs Chief of Police www.cbpolice.org/
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