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    This is sad but true

    Yea, I know ........ this is really baaaaaaad taste and totally false. Our beautiful Arkansas cheerleaders
    were not available for the photo shoot since they were busy collecting canned goods for the Food Depot
    which feeds the hungry. (Also false) Go Arkansas!!

    You don't have to live in the South to know that FOOTBALL IS KING! But the game wouldn't be complete without the cheerleaders, and here are some of our finest:
    The LSU'S Golden Girls
    Attachment 448

    The Alabama Crimsonettes
    Attachment 447
    The University of Arkansas, Ozark Mountain Girls
    Attachment 446

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    Last three get my vote.

    And no it's not cause my wife's lookin over my shoulder.

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    I'll take the first 20... Now everyone's happy

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    See, now if you had a decent game to follow you wouldn't need to have Cheerleaders!

    Ermmm. Actually scrap that! All sports should have Cheerleaders, especially Golf.
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