This is important stuff.

Is your honey high-maintenance?
By Margot Carmichael Lester

Sure, you want to be in a relationship. And you’re prepared to accommodate a few of your new partner’s requirements. But how can you distinguish between a lady who knows what she wants and a prima donna who wants you to get it for her? Take this fun quiz to determine if your new honey’s high-maintenance before it’s too late!

1. You land a huge new account at work. Your lady friend’s response:
 Fantastic. Pick up something extravagant for me at Tiffany’s on the way home. (Score = -1)
 Great. I have some items on lay-away that I can pay off! (Score = 1)
 Finally! More money for us to enjoy! Let’s hit the mall this weekend. (Score = 2)
 Let’s go out to dinner to celebrate! (Score = 3)
 I’m so proud of you! Tell me all about it. (Score = 4)
2. A quick peek into her medicine cabinet reveals:
 A scaled-down version of a Hollywood star’s make-up trailer. (Score = -1)
 A mini-Sephora. (Score = 1)
 A healthy array of perfumes, polishes, makeup and more. (Score = 2)
 The usual stuff, plus self-tanner, hair gel and Crest Whitestrips. (Score = 3)
 Nothing more exciting than the usual stuff. (Score = 4)
3. You want to grab a quick bite and invite your gal along. She:
 Spends an hour — at least — finding something “casual” to wear. (Score = -1)
 Looks great to you, but says she needs 30 minutes to get ready... and runs past that estimate by a good ten minutes. (Score = 1)
 Takes about 20 minutes to change her clothes and redo her hair and makeup. (Score = 2)
 Needs 10 minutes to change her shoes and freshen her makeup. (Score = 3)
 Is ready to race you to the door. (Score = 4)
4. While you’re on the phone with a pal, your girlfriend:
 Stands over you and says, “I need you off the phone now.” (Score = -1)
 Walks by repeatedly, mouthing, “Aren’t you done yet?” (Score = 1)
 Invents reasons to interrupt you, like, “Have you seen my purse?” (Score = 2)
 Sits across from you tapping her foot and drumming her fingers. (Score = 3)
 Heads to the other room to give you some privacy. (Score = 4)
5. Some friends throw a party to celebrate your success, and your girlfriend:
 Acts like it’s for her. (Score = -1)
 Pouts and says, “He couldn’t have done it without me. And speaking of me...” (Score = 1)
 Proclaims, “Tonight’s all about you — except when it’s about me.” (Score = 2)
 Asks, “What can I get you to drink?” when you arrive. (Score = 3)
 Helped them plan it. (Score = 4)
Less than 0: Talk about a fixer-upper. This gal’s not only a money pit, but she’s going to require a lot of your time and attention. Unless you want to be henpecked for eternity, get out now.

0-5: She requires entirely too much attention to be any fun over the long haul. Life’s too short to suffer like this... Why not search for a new love?

6-10: She’s either self-centered or just plain rude. Maybe even both. You can do better. So cut your losses and look for someone who can focus on you now and then.

11-15: A little self-absorbed, but depending on your personality, you might not mind. Check your gut to see if you can deal with these behaviors.

16-20: Jackpot! This gal has high expectations, but low-maintenance needs.

Freelance writer Margot Carmichael Lester, author of The Real Life Guide to Life After College, has dated a few high-maintenance dudes in her day and is glad to have finally landed a new model that requires very little upkeep.