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    Help! Criminal Justice Club Questions

    Since I am the secretary of the Criminal Justice Club here at SDSU, I have been asked to think of ideas for trips or speakers. So far we have decided we are going to have some people from our police dept. come in and do some RAD training for the females on campus and we are going to visit the police academy. So I was just wondering if anyone on here has any ideas for things we can do or for speakers. Also we are planning on having a fundraiser so we can take a big trip, right now they are hoping to go to Texas to go to some mens prison or something, I'm not entirely sure, but they don't know for sure and we are trying to think of any other ideas for that too. So basically,

    1. What can we do for a fundraiser? We were thinking about selling shirts but we don't know what to put on them..

    2. What kind of speakers or activities would you suggest having for the students?

    3. Any ideas for a big trip? Any good prisons, academys, etc.?

    I appreciate any ideas
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    Well, for your field trip you should come here - San Diego!

    We have a federal prison, have several jails, a couple of honor camps, a regional academy, and a RCS radio system.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnz05 View Post
    1. What can we do for a fundraiser? We were thinking about selling shirts but we don't know what to put on them..

    2. What kind of speakers or activities would you suggest having for the students?

    3. Any ideas for a big trip? Any good prisons, academys, etc.?
    1. Sling dope.
    2. Speakers are best when stolen from a car.
    3. Car jack a fool, but you will end up in a prison if you slippin.

    Oh wait, I thought I was on a different forum... Ummmm forget that.

    1. Bikini car wash, never fails.
    2. Al Valdez has a great presentation on gangs and gang trends.
    3. Check with the local correctional facilities to see if you can schedule some type of research project, you could stick with the gang culture theme here too.

    Just an idea.

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    What do you have to work with in terms of fundraising...what size is your group, approximately how much money do you need to raise, and what kind of time frame do you have? Are you looking for cash only, or services (transportation, meals, etc.) as well? Also, is there any "seed" money available in terms of investing in a somewhat larger scale fundraiser?

    I do a lot of fundraising work with non-profits and have done so for years (some are LE related, some are not). If you like, PM me and I'll do what I can to help you out.

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    I have an idea for you. Pay for me to fly out. I'll give you a talk on Policing in London Unarmed and Armed plus a myriad of other police experiences.
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    ...... and I'll carry Trojan's luggage!
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    I would suggest speakers from local, state and federal levels of gov. Its always good to hear officers speak about situations that students may not know about or may find interesting. While I was the president of my CJ club we had narcotics agents from state local and federal levels come in and talk about things. Took trips to some prisions and learned how female prisions in MN are a nicer place to be than the male prisions. (they got free roam and no walls or gates). Dont waste your time driving to texas to see prisions they are not all that great. Drive to Florida and see the Police officer musem.

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    Yeah I was gonna say, my brother in law works for the department of corrections and said a prison is the last place you'd want to hang out. Unless you're a monkey and like poop throwing wars.

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    You've got all kinds of opportunities for guest presenters. Your local prosecuting attorney, all the federal (FBI, IRS, DEA, Postal Inspectors etc), state agencies and local/county agencies. All have specialists that you would be interested in and their FREE!! I think I'll take PDawg's invitation. San Diego sounds good!



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