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    New Home Donated To Deputy Shot In The Line Of Duty

    I know that this thread may belong in the “News Articles” section of LEF,
    But I thought that it was much more worthy of being a general topic.

    This is truly a great story about the community rallying together and helping
    An injured deputy and his family start a new life.
    This Deputy was shot in the face during a domestic confrontation in rural Oregon.
    Half of his face was severely disfigured and understandably he has been unable to return
    To work. This deputy and his family have been through a lot during his recovery and
    Still he has a long way to go.
    Again, what a wonderful display of support from the community…

    See the story below.


    SHERWOOD, Ore. - A former Grant County deputy shot in the line of duty now has a brand-new home.

    Three years ago, a suspect shot Jason Rehling in the face as he responded to a domestic violence call. The deputy has since moved to the Portland area, where he's already had two dozen surgeries.

    Moved by his story, hundreds of people rallied to build Rehling and his family a 3,000-square-foot home in Sherwood. It's fully furnished and paid for.

    Rehling and his wife, Andrea, and children, Matt and Katie, took possession of the house Wednesday.

    "It's beautiful, this is better than our wildest imagination. This is an awesome house"
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    It beats a medal and a handshake from the commissioner.....Its nice to hear stories of appreciation.



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