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    Poem #3 from a certified hardass with a soft spot

    "The Raven's Fury"
    *a poem about combat in Operation Desert Storm (The "raven" is the Devil, for those of you who can't keep up)

    These eyes have seen the fires of Hell,
    In a place that is called The Holy Land.

    The dark force of death has breathed into my face,
    And I shuddered with terror as he laughed.

    The sand burned with white hot flames,
    The strongest of steel melted like ice.

    Intoxicated with a mixture of hate and fear,
    Man lusted for the destruction of his human brother.

    All that remained in wake of the fury,
    Were ashes, dust and the blood of the fallen.

    As the Storm quietly gave way to the morning sun,
    The Raven spread his wings and flew away.

    His duty here was done.

    US ARMY, Somewhere in the sand, 1991

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    SWEET! what a powerful poem... Great Job Bro....

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    You have a gift Nitestokker, this really is very deep. I have heard many of my friends personal accounts from tours they have done during Operation Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom......... you were able to express all the accounts in to a very well written, meaningful, short poem. WOW!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.



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