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Thread: My kind of guy.

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    My kind of guy.

    Eric Clapton Rethinks Playing 'Cocaine'
    By The Associated Press
    4 hours ago

    ST. PAUL, Minn. - Eric Clapton is playing "Cocaine" in concert again. The recovering drug addict and alcoholic, who founded the Crossroads Centre addiction recovery center on the Caribbean island of Antigua, stopped performing the song written by J.J. Cale when he first got sober.

    "I thought that it might be giving the wrong message to people who were in the same boat as me," Clapton recently told The Associated Press.

    "But further investigation proved ... the song, if anything, if it's not even ambivalent, it's an anti-drug song. And so I thought that might be a better way to do it, to approach it from a more positive point of view. And carry on performing it as not a pro-drug song, but just as a reality check about what it does."

    Clapton's band shouts out "dirty cocaine" during the song.

    "It's one of those songs that you can take it any way you like," Clapton told the AP. "But it very clearly says in the opening verse, `If you wanna get down, down on the ground,' I mean, that's, I think, the focal point of the song. That's what the song's about, is that, you know, there's a price."

    Clapton also said he missed playing "Cocaine," with its signature guitar riff, "just purely from a musical point of view."

    Clapton, 61, is on the North American leg of his world tour. His duet CD with Cale, "The Road to Escondido," is scheduled for release Nov. 7.


    On the Net:

    Eric Clapton: http://www.ericclapton.com

    Crossroads Centre: http://crossroadsantigua.org

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    OK, I'll open myself up for a beating here, but I never really liked Clapton. Ever.
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    I LOVE Eric Clapton!!!! Was very disapppointed when I saw him at Madison Square Garden and he did all this bluesy stuff and none of the old stuff. Booo Hisss and those tickets were not cheap.

    Hoooooray for the old stuff!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    OK, I'll open myself up for a beating here, but I never really liked Clapton. Ever.
    I won't beat you, I have to agree with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ducky View Post
    OK, I'll open myself up for a beating here, but I never really liked Clapton. Ever.

    No beating from me. I like some of his old stuff, but I really like his blues.

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    Consider yourself beat, Ducky. I'm not a huge fan of his, but how can you not like his stuff? Some of his stuff is rockin'. He also got brownie points with me for being in the movie version of Tommy.
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