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    Please check the number, and dial again

    So for the past couple of months, Mrs OffDuty has been getting people calling asking for "Dale" on her cellphone.

    She politely tells them that Dale no longer has this phone number. The problem herein lies in that the cell phone is on the company directory of a large local health organization, so a lot of people need, apparently, to call Dale, and so this is infrequent, but often at the same time that she gets these calls.

    Dale himself has called her on an occasion apologizing for the mixup. She told him, "Dale, thats fine, just change the directory and let everyone know in your contacts that you dont have this number anymore". Which he agreed to do...but apparently has'nt. Why?

    So a few days ago someone else called for Dale. I suggested that the next time someone calls it should go something like:

    Is Dale there?
    "No. Oh, didnt you hear? Dale doesnt work here anymore!"
    What? Why?
    "They found child porn on his office computer!"

    That should probably put a stop to the calls from work, no?

    We both shared a good laugh over this. Today I was getting out of the shower and she burst in shocked and laughing at the same time, since another co-worker of Dale's just called. The conversation, sure enough, went just as planned. The caller was in shock and there was some silence after she interjected "I thought everyone had heard".. then hung up.

    Hopefully this should get the calls to cease after kicking it up a notch!
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    This is just digusting, cheap, and completely over the top...

    I LOVE IT.

    Meanwhile, fishing in Russia:

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    Good stuff! Hopefully that will take care of the problem...
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    Maybe I shoulda used the same tactic on my cell phone - Apparently, whoever had my number before me belonged to this African-American Baptist church somewhere in Dallas, and I kept getting calls asking when the servicees and prayer meetings were.

    On top of that, I got a daily "Gospel Update", which was a recorded inspirational talk from the minister, with the God-awfullest music in the background that you've ever heard - You know how cellphones distort music.

    Thing is, when I called this church to get my number off the animated dialer and call list, I always got a "Number has been disconnected" message, and the callers and information were as clueless as I was about the new number... When I called the dialer back, all I got was busy signals because it was calling other people.

    So after about 2 weeks of this shit, I took my cell phone back to Sprint and asked for a different number - I'm sure they gave my old number to some other hapless customer
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    LOL That is funny stuff.

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    Good work!
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    We have had the same problem on our home phone. People kept calling for "Kiddie Care Day Care". I have finally started to just say random things when thy start asking questions..

    One day, a female was asking prices and age limits.. I interupted and started babbling stuff like, I like butterflies, they make me smile, or bunny rabbits are fluffy..

    On another day that wasn't working so I said, "Excuse me I can't hear you, Hey you damn kids, shut the hell up or you go back into the closet! I cant here this lady on the phone... and Timmy, bring me my smokes..

    She promptly hung up... It doesn't happen as much anymore, but it used to be 8-10 calls a day...

    Was it the right thing to do? Dunno.. But It made me laugh...
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    lol, I approve. Has Dale called back yet?
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    Bwahahaha, that is classic!!!!

    My old crackhead whore dumbass room mate used to call me after I moved out. Why she had my number still I don't know?? One night at work she called and I happened to be standing next to one of the officers I work with, also the one thats hit her up for her 3 MIPs. I handed him the phone and we had it on speaker and he identified himself, department, what not and we could hear everyone in the background completely drunk, yelling every known swear word in a complete panic and then they hung up. Never had a problem since.
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