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Thread: Grouchy Media

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    Grouchy Media

    Anyone familiar with Grouchy Media (grouchymedia.com)? He makes AWESOME music vid compilations of military/police photos, etc. I have a CD of most of his stuff I found the other day, was going to upload it on YouTube, when I found (not surprisingly) that he's already uploaded most of his stuff.

    My two favorites:
    Die Terrorists Die http://youtube.com/watch?v=wZ9jdTec1FU (This is edited...the chorus in the original is "Die Motherfucker Die!" It loses a little bit of effect, but still cool. )

    Feel the Coast Guard http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp32mUEuM3k

    Click on his username to see all his vids. VERY GOOD STUFF!
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    Loved the Coastie clip!

    Our Coast Guard, along with our Border Patrol are underpaid, and often overlooked when it comes to appreciation for the role they play in our National safety.

    There is a great book called The Last Run that details the lengths/dedication to rescue that Coasties go to - an inspiring read.
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