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    Computer software

    I pose this question to anyone familiar with computer software. I am in the process of converting my schools hard crisis plans to electronic format. I need computer software that will let me compile classroom maps, aerial maps, photos, and documents into one file, to be accessed via a placemark, table of contents, etc.

    For example: If I wanted to look at an actual photo of a particular spot on campus (a classroom), I would click on the area of a map to bring up a photo or document.

    I'm quite proficient with computers, but I can't seem to compile this information the way I want.

    Any suggestions from fellow computer geeks or SRO's on which software to use?
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    Not sure if this will do what you want it to, but it's a free program designed in cooperation with the NIJ that includes student database, incident tracking, mapping, and quite a few other features. Check 'em out here:

    It's primarily designed for the SRO/school safety and security environment.

    Again, if you like it, it is a free download.
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