The Other Side Of The Wall

In Washington D.C.
in Judiciary Square
there stands a blue-gray
marble wall with the names
of more than 14,000
men and women.
This is the official list of the
National Law Enforcement
Officers killed in the line of duty.

But, there is
also containing a list
with atleast three times
as many numbers
- and steadily growing -
of those men and women
who were victims of
an American war.

They died away
from the streets of battle
so they are not as noticeable.
Their deaths were self inflicted,
ending years of inner torment,
and surmounting stress,
related to tragedies they
witnessed everyday.

But no matter how they died,
they were still Police Officers.
Victims of a war fought
right here on the battlefields
of American streets.

And the list will continue to grow
on the other side of the wall
until those of us still living can
win the war of prevention with
proper education & awareness
of this tragic epidemic.