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    Stem Cell Research

    Watching the tv the other evening and among the Million or so political ads was this topic. The Democrats make it sound like ALL Republicans are completly against Stem Cell Research. I personally am a Republican but I'm all for the research. If it can possibly help someone have a more comfortable life, or live longer then why shouldn't we explore it. And since there is a bunch of cells that are "thrown" away, then why can't we use them? I know this is a hot button topic and falls somewhat into abortion as in the killing of a life, but we are talking a cell being able to help alot of people. So what are your thoughts? Should we have our scientist conducting more research on this? Should we limit it somehow so we don't get into cloning somehow?
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    I have no problem with using certain stem cell lines. I just don't want to start traveling down a slippery slope that could end with us harvesting embryos for stem cells. It all depends on where people believe human life begins, and it's creepy to think of us ending up in a Matrix like situation where we live off the life of the unborn.

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    I support the research on embryos that would otherwise be destroyed. (the current situation)

    I would have serious concerns about creating embryos for research purposes.

    I'm already concerned about the sale of embryos. I think young women who are targeted don't realize the impact this may have on their future health.
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    I don't have a problem with it at all.
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    I am all for it... I just wish I could vote in your election!!! lol

    Actually, I want to be the President! Or better yet, ruler of the world. Sadly, I had a falling out with a freemason. I think he screwed me out of joining and blacklisted me, which significantly slows down my plans of world domination.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PDawg View Post
    I support the research on embryos that would otherwise be destroyed. (the current situation)

    I would have serious concerns about creating embryos for research purposes.

    The problem is the republican'ts don't want to acknowledge the first part. They just want slap the "evildoer" label on anyeone who is pro stem cell research. And by republican'ts, I mean the elected ones in Washington- not voters.
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