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    "Little Mosque on the Prairie" tries to be the "Seinfeld" of Islam :D

    "Little Mosque on the Prairie" tries to be the "Seinfeld" of Islam

    The first episode introduced viewers to the close-knit Muslim community, in the fictional small town of Mercy, and to the local non-Muslims who regard their neighbors with a mixture of trepidation and tolerance. In the second episode, the new imam, a handsome young man newly arrived from Toronto, sparks a battle of the sexes when he decides to erect a barrier between men and women in the mosque.
    A young Toronto lawyer gives up his practice to become Mercy's new imam, but gets into hot water at the airport.

    "Don't put Dad on the phone," he tells his mother on his cellphone as he waits in line. "I've been planning this for months, it's not like I dropped a bomb on him. If Dad thinks it's suicide, then so be it. This is Allah's plan for me."

    He's promptly whisked off by security, who don't believe his protestations of innocence.

    "If my story doesn't check out, you can deport me to Syria," he says, a sly reference to the plight of Maher Arar - a Syrian-born Canadian citizen who was arrested during a stopover in the US and deported to Syria, where he was tortured. The US acted on Canadian intelligence that Canadian officials recently admitted was inaccurate.

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