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Thread: Sweet 16

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    Sweet 16

    Okay...I DID do a search...but didn't find anything posted on this..at least not under the topics I entered. If someone else has already started a thread with predictions...I apologize.

    I don't follow college BB a lot through the season, but I try to keep on top of who wins and who the top players are. My son is a HUGE BB person...and he and I discuss this a lot. Consequently, by the time the Sweet 16 rolls around....we are both making our pics and watching the games....and giving each other crap if we end up on opposing sides of court.

    I know..we're half-way through, and the Terrific 12 just doesn't have the same ring...but here's what I see happening wth the remaining teams>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Florida vs. Butler.....Butler is a very good and underated team, and yes I realize they defeated both Gonzaga and North Carolina early on this season, but Joakim Noah and the rest of that outstanding junior class, which includes Corey Brewer, Taurean Green and Al Horford, are way too experienced and talented to let this game slip through their fingers. Their road to the Final Four got so much easier when Wisconin was upset the other day, and I will look for them to take full advantage of it. I look for Florida to come out of this game with an impressive win.
    Prediction: Gators 84 Bulldogs 67

    Oregon vs. UNLV.......UNLV, the highest seed left in this tourney, has nothing to lose and everything to gain from this game. A lot of people predicted them to lose first round to Ga. Tech, and when they barely escaped, everyone else predicted them to get killed by Wisconsin. Oregon, on the other hand, is a 3 seed and expected to run all over the runnin rebels. I believe Oregon hasn't really faced a good team yet in this tourney, defeating both Miami (OH) and Winthrop. Not really a tough challenge if you ask me. Look for UNLV to pull off yet another upset, in a low scoring game, and move themselves into the Elite 8.
    Prediction: Rebels 63 Ducks 58

    UNC vs. USC.......Are you serious? If UNC doesnt walk away with this one by at least 10, then it will be the biggest shocker to me this year in the tourney, not Coach K and Duke gettin upset by VCU. The Tarheels are the deepest team in March Madness EVER! They easily go 13 strong every night, and these aren't your average 13 basketball players. These are 13 McDonald All-Americans. In which, almost anyone of them, could start for any other Division I team in the country. Now, granted, Nick Young and the Trojans did do a tremendous job against Kevin Durant and Texas the other night, however with the depth of this Tarheel team, I think they'll be WAY too much for these young Trojans to handle.
    Prediction: Tarheels 91 Trojans 79

    Vanderbilt vs. G'town......All I gotta say is Ewing and Thompson! Sound familiar? Look for Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert to combine for at least 35 in a Hoyas victory. Granted it won't come easy. Derrick Byars in my mind, is one of the top players in the country, averaging 17, 5, and 3 a game, all while leading the Commodores to an impressive 22-11 record in the SEC and a 6 seed in the NCAA tourney. Vanderbilt was the best free-throw shooting team this year in the SEC and ranked first in assists and assist-to-turnover ratio. This could prove to be very usefull tonight against a Georgetown team that at times has been known to get out of control. However when its all said and done, I feel that the Hoyas will be too much for Vandy to handle.
    Prediction: Hoyas 75 Commodores 73
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    If you had paid attention to Oregon's season, you would have seen that they faced constant challenges, and rose to the occasion nearly every time, including giving #1 UCLA their first loss. UNLV never had a chance.

    And the Ducks played damn well against Florida today, too. I didn't get to see the game, but from what I heard about it, if Tujuan Porter had hit even a couple of his three-pointers (he's usually a field-goal machine), the Ducks would have won easily.
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