For most men, the true joy of sex is between the time of penetration and ejaculation. However, it is very unfair to consider this phase of penetration and ejaculation as the main part of sexual activity. The importance of foreplay can not be pushed aside if we want to see sex from the perspective of women. However, most men for the penetration and, finally, ejaculation is the end all and be all hot sex.

Ask any man what is thye one thing he wants to last longer and longer during sex, then in all likelihood, their response will be to increase the time between these two stages of penetration and ejaculation. Even the so-called super stud that claim to stay longer than anyone else, also has a secret desire to last more minutes. The problem begins when a man discovers that he is not fully enjoying sex and the time between its two preferred phases penetration and ejaculation has become very short. Truly there is nothing more depressing and disappointing for a man than to deal with their partner unsatisfied after a rapid ejaculation.

We need to understand a few things very clear on this issue. In particular, the variation in the time between penetration and ejaculation - and premature ejaculation itself - is common and normal. However, when the time before ejaculation is really short for any attempt at sexual intercourse, the cause of premature ejaculation can neurobiological, medical and / or psychological. This situation can ideally be defined as a case of premature ejaculation.

Since the time and ejaculation in men varies, it is not possible to specify an ideal time to ejaculation for everyone. In this context, it would be appropriate to distinguish between premature ejaculation as a normal problem of men and premature ejaculation as a syndrome that needs urgent care.

If we see that there is a variation of time in an ejaculation of men and only occasionally it happens too quickly then it can be considered as a variable natural premature ejaculation. These normal occurrence of premature ejaculation are very frequent and almost all men experience them at some point in their time in their lives.

There are many factors responsible for these moments of premature ejaculation that affect the duration of the phase of sexual arousal. Some of these factors include age of participants sexual novelty of the sexual partner or situation, and how often the man has had sex in the recent past. The premature ejaculation in such cases does not require treatment and the man found his power to stay long his own.

However, there are many cases where Premature Ejaculation becomes a syndrome. It occurs in men where premature ejaculation is present from the very first sexual encounter and occurs every time they have sex, and maybe very soon after penetration. Such cases of premature ejaculation are diagnosed as cases of premature ejaculation of a lifetime.

These types of cases needs systematic and regular treatment to overcome premature ejaculation. However in these cases also, the main cause is psychological and there is no apparent physical cause, which can be cured with almost one hundred percent success rate.

Apart from the above two "normal" and "lifelong" cases of premature ejaculation, there are men who say that they ejaculate prematurely even after a reasonable period, for example, perhaps 5 to 10 minutes after the insertion. Certainly men who ast ten minutes in bed are completely normal and can not be said to have any form of premature ejaculation

But even if such men complain about an early ejaculation then we can assume safely that their problem is actually a psychological problem than a real one. Probably they need consultation and education to understand what is considered normal during sex play.

In fact the magic of lasting longer lies in identifying nature of our ejaculation - normal or premature, and to take necessary measures for its healing. Curing premature ejaculation is quite possible and, often, a little practice of some specialized techniques is sufficient to deal with it in its entirety.