For thos of you who suffer any of the above this article about partner is well worth a read.

He is now nearly 57 and for 20 years has suffered from insomnia and depression. This illness was precipitated by a major financial collapse in the mid-1980's when a recession caused a major fall in farm property values. Interest rates jumped from 14% to 22%. This occurred after he borrowed bridging finance to relocate the farming business from one side of the country to the other. The recession also collided with major falls in commodity prices. Unfortunately he also experienced a major drought at the same time. property values fell in some cases by over 60%. They were then forced to sell at the bottom of the market. In summary,net assets fell by about AUD $2,000,000 - more than the total net worth.

His history prior to this collapse was one of very high pressure.He had worked very hard to get a university education against the wishes of his parents. They didn't even want him to finish high school. To satisfy them as well as himself, he travelled each weekend to work on the family farm for three days. To achieve this, as well as do well as a student, he started to take caffeine tablets. He would take them while driving tractors, while driving three hours each way to and from the farm, and also during lectures. His addiction lasted for many years.

Eventually the stress had its affect. Depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and arthritis all started to take their toll. More stress was added after his marriage broke down in 1991.

As a result of attending various personal development seminars, he met a new partner who was a health food cooking teacher. She introduced him to the benefits of fasting and healthy food preparation and made him aware of a number of other health issues. He rationalized that he was probably loaded with farm toxins, as well as mercury from a mouthful of dental amalgams.

His first fast was in 1992 on purified water for 10 days. There were many noticeable benefits. The two main ones were:

1. The pain from arthritis in his shoulders abated - after significant pain during the fast.

2. His erections became much stronger (He was starting to show early signs of erectile dysfunction)

Unfortunately, over the following 16 years his problems did not completely go away. With work and financial stress still part of life, the insomnia and depression became factors of life again. By the mid-1990's he was also diagnosed with high blood pressure and started to take prescription medication. The erection problems started again. He then tried various medical solutions.

Medication for depression failed to work. They only made him feel worse, and more suicidal. The only solution was to maintain a strict diet and exercise program. In 1997, after getting on the internet and doing more research, he did a 75-day juice fast. This worked fantastic for mental and emotional well-being, but the erection problems got worse. I presume that the blood pressure medication had something to do with the problem.

In the late 1990's he stumbled across a health retreat web site. He decided to take three weeks off work and do a long program. This retreat was based totally on juice fasting, raw food and wheat grass. He also took up an exercise program of walking 2-3 hours per day. Their was an obvious improvment after this approach. He lost a lot of weight and his blood pressure dropped to normal without drugs. The insomnia and depression also disappeared.

But again, with work stress he soon slumped back into a downward cycle. He repeated the health retreat experience many more times. Each time he would get better, but was unable to sustain the benefits. Insomnia would kick in, and then it would start the whole negative spiral again.

In 2006 after completing a spiritual healing course, He stumbled across information on alkalizing and detoxifying. He found that it was not possible to heal if the body is acidic and polluted with toxins, especially heavy metals like and cadmium and mercury. Previous hair analysis had indicated that both mercury and cadmium were above acceptable limits. After researching on how to detoxify from heavy metals and discovering a solution he noticed that his urine pH changed to a healthy level. He had always had trouble getting it above 5.5, even when on a strict alkaline and raw diet.

He became much more aware of pH and also the topic of alkalized water after reading a book. He immediately purchased a water alkalizer and on the first night after installation,he slept all night without drugs. For the following two weeks he even slept-in until about 10 AM. I was convinced that he was on the right path.

Within three months of starting the program other health indicators also improved dramatically:

* A constant cough (from candida) disappeared

* A large 20-year wart on my groin disappeared

* Dark toe nail fungus grew out

* Arthritis in my right knee improved substantially

He also made the decision to have a root canal out and have mercury amalgams replaced (8 of them). Research has shown that removal of these can have a significant benefit. For example, one study showed that amalgam removal led to 95% improvement or cure for depression.

I am quite convinced that the combination of maintaining am alkalizing program has improved the nutritional status of his body.

It has now been about 15 months since starting this program. The diet is very much the same, although he is more conscious of having raw food and hardly any fruit as fruit is acidic. He also consume a reasonable amount of the herb coriander. It has been shown to be a great detoxifier of heavy metals, especially if taken at the same time as chlorella.

Recently (in the last three months) he has also noticed that his libido and strength of erections is also much stronger. I am certainly a witness to that. It is now normal for him to be able to recover within 30 minutes after ejaculation, and have sex again - and repeat this a couple of times when in the mood. This vast improvement might be as a result of deciding to stop taking blood pressure medication about three months ago after reading a newsletter by a Doctor.

Exercise and an alkaline diet are the two best drugs one should be taking for a healthy vascular system and heart muscle.

In addition to a healthier alkalized and detoxifying lifestyle, he has now opted to take a mixed herbal remedy to keep his blood pressure normal without side effects. It is a mixture of garlic, dandelion leaf, hawthorn berries, linden, celery seed, gingko biloba leaf, skullcap, mistletoe, yarrow, St Johns Wort, valerian root, ginger. When used in combination, it will lower blood pressure by 20 - 50 points.

I think the mood improvements have also happened as a result of alkalizing and detoxifying, as well as quitting acidic pharmaceutical medication. The good mood chemical serotonin and the sleep chemical melatonin get produced with the conversion of protein to tryptophan. However, this complicated process requires various minerals and vitamins such as zinc, vitamin C, iron, and more. Mercury and toxins in the system block the absorption of some important minerals and vitamins. This can then stop the production of the good mood and sleep chemicals. It is therefore extremely important to get the toxins out.