Picture this: a moonlit night, candles burning, the soft low sound of romantic music, and that special someone holding you ever so closely. You softly caress her skin, you lean in for a kiss, and then when it is time to share that most intimate embrace; whoops, no fire down below. Oh boy, that really hurts! For many men, erectile dysfunction is a very common and embarrassing problem. It can be psychologically devastating. It can also lead to depression, marital breakups and infidelity, and self-deprecating behavior. Although many cures are available today, choosing the right method of treatment can be frustrating and extremely expensive.

So what is erectile dysfunction? The real definition of erectile dysfunction, is the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis. Some common cures for erectile dysfunction, are counseling, prescription medication, herbal supplements, and physical therapy.

There are many advertisements on the internet, radio, and television, which make claims that sexual dysfunction can be cured with a so called "magic pill". Advertisements state that a man can increase his penis size and become sexually virile again. In fact, many companies make claims that a man's penis can be increased by as much as three to six inches over a short period of time. They further claim that this increase in penis size will cause a man to have more confidence and thus cure his erectile dysfunction.

These claims may or may not be true, however, the fact remains, that an erection, is actually in most cases, a physiological problem. It is only in very few instances, that the problem is more psychological, rather than physical. These instances are usually more of a short term problem, caused by temporary stress, fear, or apprehension. There is no one simple cause for erectile dysfunction, so there is no one simple cure. It can be caused by many different factors. The most common myth is that this only happens to the elderly. For centuries, it was just commonly accepted that men would become less and less sexually active as they got older. Many individuals called this phenomenon the "over the hill" or "old age" syndrome. This is not necessarily true. Old age really doesn't have much to do with not being able to become erect. Both young and old men can equally have erectile dysfunction. Although it is true, that a greater majority of older men experience this problem, it really has more to do with a decrease in blood flow to the penis.

The penis actually becomes erect when blood flows into the corpus cavernosum. These are the two partially hollow columns forming the sides and dorsum of the penis shaft. These shafts engorge with blood in an erection. There is also a spongy body running under the corpus cavernosum, which runs along the entire length of the penis. This surrounds the urethra, and partially engorges with blood in an erection. The outermost end is the glans penis, and the far end is called the bulb. Since an erection is caused solely from blood flow, almost any type of erectile dysfunction can be treated and cured, as long there is no physical damage to the actual penis itself.

For many years, scientists, doctors, and researchers, have conducted tests to try and treat erectile dysfunction. It was widely believed that erectile dysfunction could be cured with natural herbs and vitamins. Some even thought that meditation, soft music, or even wine, could cure this problem. There have even been stories that "Voodoo" or "Witch Doctors" could cure erectile dysfunction by performing ceremonial dances, and letting the subject drink potions or eat certain foods. Thankfully, many real cures are available today because of the endless research and development by the medical community.