Just like the cosmetics, the plastic surgery also remained an unexplored territory for men. But for modern metro sexual men, personal grooming has become as important as their professional career. Just like women attempt to change their appearances through all sorts of make up and cosmetic procedures, their male counterparts today are equally eager to change the things that they think come into their way of sporting a desired image.

As suggested by the ASPS, today's men want to look good and thus types of male cosmetic surgeries are increasingly becoming popular among men----both young and middle aged. At some point of your career, your sluggish skin, baggy and drooping eyes or protruding tummy can send across wrong signals regarding your actual potential. On the contrary, a face lift or little bit of touching up with your eyelids or other cosmetic corrections can give you a much younger and fitter looks.

Not in the professional front alone, but men are increasingly opting for plastic surgery to keep pace in the personal fronts too. Men with younger partners feel more secured in their relationships, as they undergo a face lift or tummy tuck or like. Just consider the case of Michael Douglas who is believed to recently undergo an eyelid surgery to fit beside her young and beautiful wife.

As put by American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, some procedures are more popular with the men. Today's men have many looks related woes----they complain about the receding hairlines, sagging necks, a face and forehead invaded by crows - feet , bag under the eyes and likes. But fortunately, today there are varieties of means available to rectify these damages too. We have divided popular male cosmetic procedures in two broad categories: surgical and non- surgical.

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)
Hair Transplantation
Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
Gynecomastic (breast reduction)

Botox Injections
Laser hair removal
Chemical Peel
Collagen Injections

In addition to these above mentioned surgical and non surgical procedures, there are a number of new age techniques to protract the aging of men. As for example, there arrived the non-ablative lasers and tissue tightening devices like Thermage that are used for mini-lifts. Then there are the use of fillers such as Restylane and Perlane that are used to fill in deep creases and folds to give a face free of fine lines and wrinkles. Then there is this new liposuction technique called Vaser that helps to remove double chins and give slimmer waistline and flatter abdomen.

Men's desire for a younger look stretches beyond the face and neck. Increasing numbers of men are taking recourse to liposuction to remove the localized fats that don't go despite exercise and diets. In additional of pectoral implants, increasing number of men are opting for buttocks or thigh or calf lifts to get a perfectly sculpted body.

If you get inspired by the likes of Michael Douglas and consider a cosmetic surgery for an enhanced look, make sure you do your research first. Your research should include finding a properly qualified, trained and specialized doctor, risks involved in the procedure and the insurance issues relating to your chosen procedure. In addition to that, you should be realistic in your expectation about the outcome of surgery.